Vadim Dyckman

Simulation business game “Emperor palace”

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Program targets:

During the game participants can:

  1. To develop analytical skills in terms of tough competitive battles
  2.  To understand main principals of logistic finance
  3. To learn to read and understand financial reports
  4. To prepare financial forecasts and based on them to accept financial decisions
  5. To evaluate influence of accepted decisions to the company financial results
  6. To understand the cost of “frozen” inventories.
  7. To estimate effect of borrowing to the net profit.

Benefits for the company

  1. To create among personal common understanding of financial decisions importance and necessity of their coordination.
  2. To develop understanding of finance in logistic department and understanding of interdependence between logistic and finance processes in finance department.
  3. To increase the quality of business decisions based on finance and market analyses.
  4. To improve cooperation of company managers with financial and accounting department.
  5. To develop understanding of financial processes essence.

Game format

The game is computer business simulation. Elementary financial knowledge in needed. In case of necessity, short financial training should be conducted before the game.

The participants in the teams lead by distributing companies. They should build optimal (from financial point) logistic chains. Players “reside” several months with their companies, trying to reach maximum better result in hard competition with other teams (companies).

Bigger part of the skills is obtaining by practical way, thanks to the algorithm imitated market situation. Any financial knowledge, the participants obtained in their jobs or in economy and financial trainings, can be used in this game.

Game matter

The participants purchase the goods, trying to reach minimum prime costs using possible discounts and optimal warehousing. Than they took part in sales tenders, trying to reach the best financial results in hard competitive fights with other teams.

The participants should finance their activity by borrowing; the amount of borrowing must be carefully calculated to achieve the best result.

In the end of each month participants receive the set of financial and analytical reports and competitors report. Based on that reports, they accept the decisions for the next month.

The team, received maximum cash flow is the winner of the game.

Problems, participants must resolve during the game:

  1. What kind of goods to purchase and how much?
  2. What is the cost of “frozen” goods?
  3. How to calculate the fist cost of the good?
  4. In which cases to sell the goods below cost price is possible?
  5. How to read P&L and cash flow reports?
  6. What is the cost estimate?
  7. How ROCE has effect to the company profit?

The program intends for:

Top and middle company managers, wishing to feel themselves as a CFO and Logistic director and to sense financial consequences of accepted decisions.


8 hours

Recommended number of participants

Recommended number of participants- from 3 till 20 organized in 3-5 teams.

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