Author: Vadim Dyckman

Simulation business game “ProMoney”

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During the game participants can:

  1. To understand the main principals of economy and finance
  2. To learn to read and understand primary financial reports
  3. To make up financial forecasts and accept financial decisions.
  4. To understand how accepted decisions influences to the company financial results.
  5. To evaluate how changes in products volumes and assortment lead to the optimal financial result.
  6. To learn how to convert company profit to the real cash.
  7. To understand how borrowed funds influence to the company profit.

Benefits for the businesses

  1. To create among personal common understanding of financial decisions importance and necessity of their coordination.
  2. To evaluate every product effect to the company profit.
  3. To rice among staff the accepted decisions quality, based on financial analyze and market methods.
  4. To improve cooperation of different specialists with accounting and financial department.
  5. To develop understanding of financial processes essence.

Game format 

The game is computer business simulation. Prior financial training is not necessary, but elementary financial knowledge would be useful. The participants in the teams lead the companies, using profit-costs analyze, optimal assortment selection to achieve maximum financial result. They also should rebuild the business in accordance with market changes. Players “reside” several months with their companies, trying to reach maximum better result in competition with other teams (companies). Bigger part of the skills is obtaining by practical way, thanks to the algorithm imitated market situation. Any financial knowledge, the participants obtained in their jobs or in economy and financial trainings, can be used in this game.

Game matter

How to define which product and volume to produce.

How to earn the profit..

Essence of the game: Earn the profit and convert into cash.

Variable and fixed cost: what is more important?

Profit and profitability dependence on produced volume

What competitors will produce?

How market price will fluctuate?

To whom to sell?

What is more profitable: to receive cash from customer faster or take better price?

How much does payment delay costs?

Competitors analyze

Who is more profitable? Why?

Assortment changes. Market influence

Achieving maximum financial result.

Results analyze

Produced volumes impact on market prices.

What is more important profit or cash?

How much does time costs?

The program intends for:

Top and middle management, wishing to feel themselves in a place of CFO and to see in practice financial consequences of the management decisions.


4 hours

Recommended number of participants- from 3 till 20 organized in 3-5 teams.

To load the game presentation- press here.